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Common Signs That Homeowners Need Water Softeners

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Watch Out for Hard Water Problems in the Home

Summer is winding down, and now is a great time for homeowners to take stock of their homes and any potential issues that need to be addressed. One of the most important potential issues to watch out for is hard water, as this can easily go undetected, and many homeowners have not heard of hard water before.

There are many signs that can suggest homeowners are dealing with a hard water issue, including visible signs, physical signs, and pipe abnormalities. Homeowners should be aware of these and understand what exactly to look out for within each category so that they can know when to install a water softener to solve the issue. Read on for all of this information and more!

Visual Evidence

Visual evidence is one of the clearest signs that homeowners are struggling with a hard water issue. This evidence will usually be present anywhere that the water flows through or onto. For example, homeowners will use their faucets frequently and may notice buildups on or inside the faucets due to the mineral deposits from hard water.

Additionally, homeowners will use their showers and sinks frequently, so they may notice “soap scum,” which is a chalky substance made up of minerals present in hard water. There may also be blotching on dishware when homeowners hand wash their dishes or run them through a dishwasher. Adding a water softener will be necessary to prevent these symptoms and get the water flowing normally and with normal content!

the feel of hard waterPhysical Feeling

There may also be physical changes with things like clothes that come into contact with the water. When homeowners run their clothes through the wash with water, this can lead to stiffer and scratchier materials. As a result, homeowners and their families may experience itching or rashes completely out of the blue.

Assuming that no one in the family has allergies to the clothing detergent- especially if many family members are experiencing similar physical symptoms- this is a relatively clear sign that the water is hard and needs to be softened out. After all, the whole purpose of washing clothes is to get out dirt, debris, and other potential irritants, so it would make no sense that clean clothes would be causing these issues.

Pipe Effects

leaking pipe

Aside from the visible and physical evidence, homeowners should also look out for one less obvious impact: changes to the pipes. Because hard water has high mineral content, this can lead to significant buildups, as were found in the faucets described above. If this happens, it can severely and adversely impact normal water flow and, therefore, water pressure. In some extreme cases, these large buildups may even lead to leaking or cracking in the pipes!

Of course, none of these pipe issues should be taken lightly. And given the complexity of many home piping systems, homeowners should consider hiring plumbing professionals for help inspecting their pipes if they suspect hard water.

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