Tampa Bay Area Whole-House Water Filtration Services

Ensure your home’s drinking water is safe and clean with our whole-home water filtration services. We serve Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas County.

While some water contamination will make your water taste or look off, other issues are virtually impossible to detect without actual testing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they’re harmless.

At Premium Plumbing, we offer high-end water purification solutions you can count on to deliver pure, safe, delicious water. We’ve served the Tampa Bay area, FL, area since 2015 and offer transparent, flat-rate pricing with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Does your water have a strange color or taste? How about sediment? Your pipes may be corroding. Call us for whole-home repiping.

Signs You Need a Whole-House Water Filtration System

While we feel any home will benefit from a quality water purification system, some homes likely could use one more than others.

  • Older homes: If your house dates back to the 1970s or earlier, it may still feature lead piping. Lead leaking into your water supply is a health hazard and increases the risk for conditions such as high blood pressure, decreased kidney function, and anemia.
  • Homes with well water: Wells are more susceptible to pollution from pesticides and chemicals in underground water flow paths than the city water supply. Installing a whole-home water purifier is the best way to ensure your well water is safe for use.
  • Areas with hard water: If you regularly have to replace fixtures due to mineral build-up or if your clothes, dishes, and shower tiles have white sediment stains, you need a water filtration system with water softening functionality.
  • The water coming from your taps has a strange odor, color, or taste: It’s often possible to detect chlorine, iron, mercury, or lead contamination in the taste or appearance of water. The right water filter will resolve heavy metal contamination.

Water Filtration System in Tampa Bay area, FL
If any of the above applies to you, you need a water purification system. Give our team at Premium Plumbing a call for whole-home water filtration installation.

Our Water Filtration Solutions in Tampa Bay area

Many homeowners are unaware of just how many options they have when it comes to whole-home water filtration systems. Here’s a brief overview of the three most common system types:

  • Charcoal filters: Popular low-cost option that removes particulates and some chemicals
  • Ultraviolet water filters: Good option for biological filtration (germs, fungi, etc.)
  • Reverse osmosis: Top-tier bottled water-quality results—and the only option that removes biological, particulate, and chemical contaminants

We specialize in reverse osmosis water filtration installation, but we don’t do cookie-cutter installs. Your water is unique—your filtration system should be too! We’ll test your water, ask some questions about your needs and budget, and recommend the perfect water filtration system from a top brand to ensure reliable, lasting results.

If you’re ready to get the best water possible in your home, contact us for water filtration or water softener installation!

Professional Water Filtration System Repair and Maintenance

We won’t just install your water filtration system and disappear on you, either. We’ll make sure you fully understand how your system works. We’re also standing by to handle any repairs—whether we installed your system or not.

In general, water filtration systems require very few repairs so long as they are properly maintained. The exact maintenance requirements for your system will vary but may include:

  • Filter or bulb replacement
  • Rock salt replacement (in models with a water softener)
  • Cleaning the membrane and other system components
  • Pressure pump and O-ring inspection

We recommend scheduling a maintenance service every 6-12 months, depending on use. After installing or servicing your system the first time, we’ll provide you with care tips, an estimate for maintenance frequency, and more.

If you're looking to install a whole-home water filtration system, we can help. Premium Plumbing is the top water treatment company in Tampa Bay area, FL! Call us today at 813-773-6486 to get started.