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Why Schedule Water Heater Maintenance and Repairs?

Take Care of the Water Heater With Maintenance and Repairs

Household residents depend on hot water to perform essential daily tasks like showering, bathing, laundry, and washing dishes. If a family is suddenly left without hot water due to a malfunctioning water heater, it can be inconvenient – and unsafe – for their entire household. This post will explain the importance of scheduling hot water heater maintenance, what tasks plumbers complete during water heater tune-ups, and signs indicating that water heater repair is needed.

Water Heater Maintenance Benefits

water heater maintenance benefitsA malfunctioning water heater can be incredibly inconvenient and even unsafe for households. To ensure water heaters don’t unexpectedly break down, plumbers recommend scheduling routine maintenance at least once a year. There are many benefits to scheduling maintenance on either storage or tankless water heaters, including expanding the system’s lifespan. Plumbers can identify and fix problems with water heaters during these services and perform tasks to prevent problems, allowing them to help keep the system running longer.

Besides preventing problems and extending their lifespan, having a plumber perform regular water heater maintenance also improves the energy efficiency of the system, allowing the water heating system to use less energy and reduce the homeowner’s utility bills.

What Is Done During Water Heater Maintenance?

what is done during water heater maintenanceDuring a water heater tune-up, plumbers will perform numerous tasks, including:

  • Check for leaks, corrosion, and damage around the tank, pipes, and valves. Catching these can help prevent additional issues and water damage.
  • Inspect the pressure relief valve and ensure the safety component can accurately open and close to prevent excessive pressure inside the tank.
  • Drain the water heater and flush it to remove sediment buildup to keep the unit working efficiently and prevent temperature and corrosion issues.
  • Check the temperature settings to ensure it’s set correctly to prevent scalding water.
  • Inspect the anode rod and replace it if it’s corroded so it can continue protecting the water heater from corrosion.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair or Service

In addition to scheduling routine maintenance services on water heaters, homeowners should also book repairs at the first signs of an issue with the water heating system to help it work safely and efficiently. The faster water heater repair is scheduled, the better chance property owners have of catching the problem quickly and restoring hot water to their household.

While the most apparent sign homeowners might notice is the absence of hot water in their house, other symptoms can also indicate a problem. Discolored water can signal there is corrosion or sediment buildup in the tank, and strange noises like popping and banging can also indicate there is sediment inside the tank that needs to be drained and flushed. Other signs property owners should watch for are leaks and higher energy bills.

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