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Why Drain Cleaning Drains During the Rainy Season Is Important

April Showers and Their Effect on Outdoor Drains

Spring is a fun time for many homeowners. Those with green thumbs may be out in the yard, planting flowers or seeding a garden. Yard work comes back into full swing as the trees sprout, the birds come out, and the grass begins growing again. All the vegetation waiting to bloom around the home built up during the winter can cause problems during the rainy season. Plus, if the fall months were particularly dry, there could be disasters waiting to happen underground. For these reasons, it’s crucial that homeowners take steps to address potential outdoor drain clogs. Here’s how. 

Signs An Outdoor Drain is Clogged

drain Many homeowners may think that the outdoor drains are the city’s responsibility. The truth is that most sewer drain connections are the homeowner’s responsibility. And while the storm drain at the curb may not technically be the homeowner’s responsibility, if it gets clogged, it could cause a flood in the yard or the home itself. This is why it’s important to know the signs of an outdoor drain clog

Most homes have outdoor drains that aren’t really noticeable until something goes wrong. These may include a drain in the driveway, yard, and at the downspouts from the gutters. The number one sign that an outdoor drain is clogged is standing water. The presence of water where there usually isn’t any is an indication that something’s wrong. Depending on the system, water backing up into the home could also signify that an outdoor drain has a clog. 

How the Professionals Clean Outdoor Drains

Professional plumbing companies have all the tools to clean both indoor and outdoor drains. In some cases, they may use the same tactics on both. But often, outdoor drains require slightly different techniques, especially if the cog involves a tree root, mud, or gravel. Sometimes a clog will start in the winter and develop during several months only to surprise a homeowner at the first or second big rainfall of spring. 

Many outdoor drain clogs can be remedied with hydro-jetting, a drain-cleaning tactic using a high-powered jet of water to clear the clog. Some plumbers may use a plumber’s snake or a drain auger to clear the pipe. In the event of a root causing the clog, a sewer cleaning machine is often needed to cut through the root and clear the clog. 

Preventing Outdoor Drain Clogs

letters There are a couple of good ways to prevent outdoor drains from clogging up. The first is regular maintenance. Whether done by the homeowner or a plumbing professional, the result is the same. This usually consists of using a simple garden hose to clear out the drains before clogs are allowed to form. This is most important during the fall months. 

Putting screens and drain covers over the drains can also help keep the pipes clear. But this also means that the homeowner has to check these drain covers periodically to clear away the buildup of organic debris that will inevitably gather. Still, this five-minute job is much better than dealing with an expensive clog deeper in the pipe. 

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