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What Do Homeowners Need to Know About Slab Foundation Leaks?

The Ultimate Guide to Slab Foundation Leaks

With so many things on homeowners’ plates, it is understandable to overlook a few tasks. This guide explains how slab leak detection works and how to resolve the issue quickly so homeowners can worry less about what is happening in their walls and under their lawn and focus more on other important tasks.   

slab leak

First, What is a Slab Leak?

Slabs are one type of home foundation. They are six-inch thick pieces of concrete under the home that don’t allow for a crawlspace. These slab foundations are more cost-efficient options than the regular crawlspace foundation and offer many benefits, including fewer pest problems and a lower risk for gas leaks. 

One issue with slabs deals with the sewer and water lines because pipes and lines are buried under the concrete. Sometimes these main lines can break due to seasonal changes, built-up pressure, or if the pipes weren’t placed correctly from the beginning. 

These breaks force water or sewage from the pipe into the ground surrounding it. Because an underground pipe is not a faucet, there is no natural shut-off, which keeps these substances flowing until the break is fixed.    

Why Slab Leaks Can Cause Destruction

As water or sewage gushes from the pipe and onto the ground, it moves to the most inopportune places. It can leak into interior walls, underneath indoor flooring, and the foundation’s concrete. If these locations hold water for too long, floors and walls will need to be replaced, or mold and mildew will grow and spread, creating health complications for homeowners and their families. 

If the slab leak goes undetected for too long, the main flooring in the house and the house’s foundation can get damaged, which compromises the safety and integrity of the home. This issue can quickly become costly, so knowing and understanding the warning signs is crucial. 

The Main Signs of a Slab Leakplumber

There are many different warning signs, but most can show themselves as a pair. The list of symptoms includes: 

  • The sound of running water, but its location cannot be identified.
  • Unusually high water bills
  • Warping or unexplainable puddles on the home’s main level flooring
  • Cracks in the walls of the house running from the foundation upward
  • Soggy, pooling water around the perimeter of the home or in the yard
  • Unusually quick-growing grass spots on the lawn


Why Homeowners Need Professionals

Homeowners can spot the first signs of a plumbing issue, but a call to the professionals is always advised because it may not be a foundation leak. Plumbers are trained in slab leak detection and finding the location of the problem. A professional can save extra time, money, and stress as issues will be diagnosed accurately and reversed efficiently. 

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