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Is a New Water Heater Worth it?

Why it’s Probably Time for a New Water Heater this Holiday Season

Water heaters are notoriously known for being very difficult to repair! These devices also don’t have a very long or stable life. Since water heaters carry gallons of water at a time, they are prone to water damage and can wear down, causing further expensive issues.

Homeowners that suspect their water heater is broken or in need of an upgrade should contact a water heater company as soon as they can to inquire about the water heater service they provide.

Common Signs of Water Heater Malfunction

Water heaters malfunction constantly. This is not a surprise, nor is it rare. If homeowners find themselves walking into a mess because of a problem with their water heater, they should remain calm and call a water heater installation company.

To prevent damage from occurring in the first place, homeowners should have a general understanding of the signs that a water heater is malfunctioning. The most common signs that something is wrong with a water heater are:

  • Water Taking Too Long to Heat Up
  • Water Leak from Pipes or the Bottom of the Tank
  • Water Pressure is Low
  • Cracks in the Water Tank
  • Damage from Water Near the Water Heater
  • Strange Noises

Should Homeowners Replace Water Heaters or Repair Them?

water heater Water heaters are tricky because they are often easier to replace than to repair. For example, the shelf life of a water heater is ten years. If homeowners call a water heater service technician, they are likely to tell them that it is best to replace an old water heater.

As the water heats up and accumulates on the inside of the tank, water damage is likely to develop. This is especially true about rush and mineral build-up. The only instance that homeowners may be able to repair their water heater is a short crack on a repairable pipe. However, experts typically recommend replacing the entire water heater.

What are the benefits of Installing a New Water Heater?

water heater There are many benefits to gain from installing a new water heater. For instance, new water heaters are unused, which means that there is no water damage or rust built up inside. This means the water is a lot cleaner! 

Not only can homeowners expect to have cleaner running water with a new water heater, but also more pressure! Since the water heater is new, no damage or buildup blocks water from flowing. Homeowners will be happy to find that their new water heater produces hotter water with better pressure.

Homeowners may also want to look into installing a tankless water heater. These water heaters do not collect water but only heat up the amount used. It saves energy and has a longer shelf life.

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