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How To Tell If the Plumbing Problem Is An Emergency

Know the Difference Between Important and Urgent Plumbing Issues

It is crucial for homeowners to recognize the difference between plumbing issues and plumbing emergencies. Emergency calls are expensive and should only happen when the damage puts the health and safety of the residents at risk. If the problem can be managed until morning or the next business day, it is not an emergency and does not warrant an expensive call. 

But if the problem persists, halts the function of the home, or is creating significant damage, call a professional immediately. If it is unknown whether the problem is an emergency, always call a professional. 

Urgent: Broken Pipepipe

Every winter, when temperatures get below freezing, homeowners face the possibility of frozen pipes. If left unaddressed, these frozen pipes will burst. This can cause severe structural damage to the home and lead to thousands of dollars of repair and replacement. If a homeowner happens to catch the pipe while it is frozen, then call a professional immediately. 

A plumbing technician will be able to remedy the problem before it becomes a catastrophe. If the pipe has already burst, it would still be wise to call a professional as soon as possible. They can help minimize the damage to the home and show how to avoid future emergencies. 

Important: Clogged Toilettoilet

While a clogged toilet can seem like an emergency in the moment, don’t call a plumber just yet. First, use a plunger to see if the situation can be fixed without a professional. Once all the DIY methods are exhausted, then the professional will need to help. However, this is not actually considered an emergency by most plumbing companies. 

Often, they may take a while to reach the home, so it may be best to call a plumber to give them a “heads up” before the plunging starts. 

If water begins flowing out of the toilet, or something else drastic occurs, it has upgraded to an emergency. Knowing what the plumber considers an urgent issue is important when dealing with these plumbing issues of the home. 

Urgent: Sewage System Backup

Plumbing problems like sewage backups are very serious. If it is not addressed immediately, it will block drainage from the home and even cause wastewater to flow back in. Sewer backups occur when the waste line of the sewage system gets blocked. This makes the water back up into the home. This results in:

While there are early signs of a backup, they are subtle and typically ignored. When wastewater begins flowing into the home, the problem has become an emergency. This can create a biohazard and prevent anyone in the house from using the plumbing until the issue is resolved. That is why an emergency plumber offers service 24/7 for those issues that cannot wait until the next morning. 

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