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How to Fix Low Water Pressure in the Shower

How to Figure Out Why Shower Water Pressure Is Low 

  • Look for leaks and clogs in the bathroom plumbing 
  • Inspect the showerhead
  • Clean the scale buildup from hard water off the showerhead
  • Tighten fixtures and replace old parts
  • Call in a professional for fast solutions 

Having low water pressure in the shower can make the shower less efficient and enjoyable. To improve the water pressure, homeowners should ensure that their plumbing is in good condition. In this blog post, our team of expert plumbers discusses why water pressure might be low and how to fix it. 

How Bathroom Plumbing Works 

The plumbing fixtures in a bathroom are all connected to a hidden system of pipes underneath counters, beneath the floors, and in walls and ceilings. When there is a problem with one of the plumbing fixtures, it can harm the performance of all of the other plumbing fixtures. 

A clog anywhere in the bathroom plumbing could prevent enough water from reaching the showerhead. Serious clogs in the bathroom plumbing can mess up the waterline and cause expensive property damage if a pipe bursts. A leaking water pipe could also cause low water pressure. 

How to Find Hidden Leaks leak

Because bathroom plumbing is hidden behind the drywall in most homes, it can be difficult to diagnose the source of a leak in the pipes. Sometimes homeowners do not realize there is a leak in the pipes until there is already water damage. So how can homeowners find hidden leaks?

First, the homeowner should look for signs of water damage around the walls and ceiling of the shower. Then the homeowner should try to look under the cabinets and in their attic, basement, or crawlspace to see any pipes hidden away that could be leaking. It may require the help of a professional plumber to find the source of a leak and fix it. 





Scale Build Up On the Showerhead

Scale results from minerals in the water separating into solid mineral deposits. It is normal and natural for a certain amount of minerals to be in the water supply, but too much can cause a buildup of minerals with various ill effects. 

The scale on a showerhead may build-up to the point that it blocks water flow from the showerhead. Cleaning the scale with a descaler solution will temporarily solve the problem, but it will not keep it from happening again. 

Among the negative effects of “hard water,” or having too many minerals in the water supply, is that it causes appliances to get dirty faster, dries out hair and skin, causes spots on clean dishes, and damages plumbing fixtures. Homeowners can use water softeners to fix hard water for good. A professional plumber can help homeowners find which water softener is right for them. 


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