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A Mother’s Favorite Gift for Mother’s Day Is Relaxation!

3 Easy Ways To Turn Any Bathroom Into a Spa Retreat!

Just because it’s a residential bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t also be converted into a spa retreat! It has never been easier to make a bathroom the most relaxing room in the house. That’s right, even more relaxing than the bedroom. The best part is it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do it either! There are numerous different fixtures homeowners can install into their bathrooms for added relaxing benefits, but even things as small as a new coat of paint and changing the towels can really add to the cozy feel similar to a spa retreat. 

Continue reading to learn more about which fixtures can turn this Mother’s Day into a spa retreat, as well as different aesthetic upgrades and smart lights that can send it over the top!

Take a Look at the Showerhead: It Probably Needs To Be Upgraded

shower It only takes one upgrade to make a bathroom more relaxing, and that’s with the showerhead. It might cost the homeowner more to do so than the other two options below, but if the homeowner is prepared to spend a little extra, they can completely change the atmosphere of the bathroom with one purchase. 

There is nothing better than coming home to the perfect shower system with just the right water pressure and maybe even the addition of LED lights to make the stresses of the day melt away. Any mom is sure to agree! 

Here are a few different showerhead types that are perfect for a relaxing Mother’s Day:

  • The Fontana Complete Shower System
  • Air-Induction Showerhead
  • Aromatherapy Showerhead
  • High-Pressure Showerhead With Filtration Beads
  • Shower Panel Tower System

Aesthetic Is Everything!

For the homeowners that would like to spend about the same (or a little less) but have a number of products instead of just one, there are countless different gadgets and design techniques that can turn the entire bathroom aesthetic into a spa!

Below are a few examples: 

  • Freestanding towel warmer
  • A large bath pillow
  • Wall-mount muscle massager
  • Bathtub caddy tray
  • Waterfall wall-mount faucet

Homeowners can also purchase dark, rich-colored rugs, towels, floor tiling, and wall paint to set the entire mood of the bathroom. Also, adding a few live plants like eucalyptus and lavender is especially relaxing! 

Ever Heard of Smart Lights?


Lastly, installing smart lights in the bathroom is the perfect way to help any mom relax. Most of them are touch-activated and provide the perfect dim lighting that every woman adores at the spa. They are also ideal for when someone has to make a trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

They are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and the perfect final touch to any relaxing bathroom upgrade this Mother’s Day!

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