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Water Heater installation & Repair Tampa, FL

No hot water or have a leaky water heater? We can help!

Schedule a Water Heater Install or repair in Tampa, FL

Do you turn your shower to the hottest setting, only to wait minutes for the water to warm up? A proper water heater shouldn't leave you waiting for performance. Contact Premium Plumbing for professional water heater installation and repair in Tampa, FL.

How can you tell you need a new water heater?

Whether you're using a tank or tankless water heater, there are a few major signs you should look out for to know it's time for a repair or replacement. Contact us immediately if you notice:

Rusty water- this is a clear indication the inside of your tank has started to rust.
Lack of hot water- if you start a hot shower only to have it switch to cold before you can finish, your water heater likely needs repair or replacement.
Rumbling noises- sediment build-up in an old water heater tank can create loud banging or rumbling when it starts to heat up.
Leaks- pooling water around your tank is a clear sign you have a leak.
Premium Plumbing has top brands and styles for water heater installation. Discuss your needs and budget, and we'll help you make the right decision.

We have the perfect Water Heater for you!

Premium Plumbing is the perfect choice for your next water heater in Tampa, FL

We offer a variety of sizes and types of water heaters to fit everyone's needs, including:


Call the experts at Premium Plumbing for a water heater repair service today.